Your persistent adversary.

Real Attack Surface Management, within the watchTowr Platform.

Attacker-Informed Visibility

Continuously Discover Vulnerabilities

Attack Analysis On Demand




Points of interests have been discovered for further analysis

We are experts at compromising organisations.

We’ve spent years compromising some of the world’s largest organisations, simulating the most prolific and advanced cyber attackers.

While every organisation is different, we took advantage of systemic weaknesses to steal corporate secrets, data and money.

We’ve built the watchTowr Platform off this experience.

Limited Visibility

With IT infrastructure, SaaS and cloud usage, and shadow IT prevalence growing rapidly, it's increasing difficult to maintain visibility of your attack surface.

Rapid Weaponisation

From discovery to indiscriminate exploitation of a vulnerability, organisations have less time to react and protect themselves than ever before.

Constant Adversarial Evolution

Attackers constantly improve and enhance their tactics and techniques.

Annual, quarterly, and even monthly cyber security testing activities don't reflect this reality.

Unrealistic Testing

Security testing practices no longer reflect the reality of the attackers targeting organisations - limited by time, scope and approach.

We work with the world's most targeted industries.







Reflecting the persistence and aggression of today's attacker.

With the watchTowr Platform, our Attack Surface Management and Continuous Automated Red Teaming solution, we simulate today’s most sophisticated attacker.

We’ve injected decades of red teaming experience into the watchTowr Platform, to help organisations protect and defend monolithic external attack surfaces.


View your organisation like an attacker. Map comprehensive attack surface visibility - including shadow IT, SaaS usage, IoT, cloud environments, third parties, subsidiaries, mergers and acquisition targets, and more.

Continuous Testing

Discover paths to break into your organisation, continuously - reflecting the persistence and aggression of a real-world attacker.

Real-Time Reconnaissance

Your attack surface isn't static - maintain a live, ever-growing map of your external attack surface.

Cutting-Edge Tactics and Techniques

Leverage cutting-edge tactics and techniques to uncover high-impact vulnerabilities - before exploitation.

Rapid Reaction

Hunt across your attack surface to determine if you're vulnerable to the latest tactic, or vulnerability - within hours.

Real-World Expertise

Technology designed and informed by real-world red team and adversary simulation exercises - no theory.

Gain access to cutting-edge offensive security research

We believe in being easy to work with.

Zero Agents

The watchTowr Platform acts like a real adversary – fully externally. We don’t deploy agents, or make infrastructure changes.

Rapid Commencement

Uplift your organisation’s security posture within hours of leveraging the watchTowr Platform.

Integrated By Design

Seamlessly leverage the watchTowr Platform with your existing cyber security processes and technology, with our suite of integrations and our client API. 

Do you remember when that ransomware group gave up after 5 days?