How are others using the
watchTowr Platform?

Continuous Security Testing

Point-in-time penetration tests and red teams no longer reflect the persistence, aggression and speed of attackers that target your organisation.

Leveraging the watchTowr Platform allows organisations to understand how a real-world attacker would compromise their environment, continuously.

Rapid Reaction

In a world where attackers are increasing more aggressive, and the time from discovery of a vulnerability, to indiscriminate exploitation has significantly decreased – the watchTowr Platform enables organisations to rapidly react and understand their exposure – within hours.

Comprehensive Visibility

Defensive functions – SOCs, and Incident Response teams – can use the watchTowr Platform to gain comprehensive external visibility to hone and improve internal detection capabilities.

Translating Threat Intelligence

The watchTowr Platform is used by organisations to understand rapidly how
emerging threat intelligence applies to their organisation.

Gain peace of mind, with always-on, continuous testing.