The watchTowr Platform

The future of Continuous Automated Red Teaming and Attack Surface Management.

Powered by our technology, backed
by our offensive security expertise.

Real-Time Reconnaissance

watchTowr’s Adversary Sight engine provides an attackers view of your external attack surface, employing real-world, reconnaissance techniques. 

Unknown SaaS platforms, infrastructure providers, cloud environments, subsidiaries and shadow IT are easy targets for attackers.

Continuous Security Testing

Discover high-impact vulnerabilities in real-time with our Continuous Assurance engine.

On-Demand Insights

Enterprise-grade reporting, aligned to cybersecurity regulatory guidelines and industry standards, on-demand.
Available via our dashboard, APIs, and in exportable formats.

How does the watchTowr Platform

watchTowr Platform
Penetration Testing
Vulnerability Assessment
Bug Bounty
Red Teams
Real-time reconnaissance
Continuous security testing
Rapid reaction to emerging vulnerabilities
Attacker-centric, holistic scope
Certified and experienced operators
True attacker tactics and techniques
Scalable approach to assurance